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What Are The Factors That Affect The Pressure Of The Die Cutting Machine?

There are many factors that affect the pressure of the die cutting machine:

 1. The length of the steel knife, the longer the total length of the product, the greater the resistance of the mold, the greater the pressure required.

 2. The thickness and hardness of the product, the greater the amount required for the die cutting machine to cut the paperboard and to cause the plastic deformation of the paperboard to produce indentation

 3. Steel knife pad of the hardness and area of the tape, die cutting machine should be based on the thickness of the cardboard to choose the appropriate hardness of the strip design, and the strip needs to be too wide, it is best to cut into small pieces, On both sides, which reduces the pressure required for die cutting.

What are the elements of the die set?

 1. Select the color order type. The color of the type of GCR and ECR are two, GCR for the gray component instead, ECR for the background removed, it is recommended to use GCR form.

 2. To determine the die-cutting machine black version of the tone curve, when the image of the gray components less, usually the black version of the trademark die-cutting machine set in the black version. If the image is high saturation, high contrast art photography, black version can be set to short contrast contrast black version, if the image of the gray component of the majority of long-term use die-cutting machine black version.

 3. Black version of the maximum constraints of different types of originals should have different values, 70% to 90% can be, commonly used is 85%.

 4. The total amount of ink on behalf of the four-color line and the maximum value, such as coated paper offset, desirable 330% to 380%, while the newsprint was about 260%.

 5. Trademark die-cutting machine's background gain value is mainly increased in the dark tone of the value, if the original dark tone level, then the value can be increased, otherwise the smaller the better.

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