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The Working Principle Of Flattening Die Cutting Machine

At present, users of high-quality requirements of the printing industry is increasing, the box design is also increasingly complex. In order to maintain the error range of ± 0.15mm, it is necessary to try the qualified die cutting machine. At the same time, pay attention to the adjustment steps, especially the feeding station and the paper to reach the pre-regulation time.

Working principle: flat die-type die cutting machine die-cutting platform and the shape of the cutting mechanism are flat. The stencil is fixed on a flat stage and the sheet is placed on a platen (lower platen). Work, die-cutting plate fixed fixed, the pressure plate through the crankshaft connecting rod reciprocating motion, making the platform and the pressure plate constantly clutch pressure, each pressure will be a time to achieve a die-cutting. Common flat pressure die cutting machine with vertical die cutting machine and horizontal die cutting machine two. At present, the vertical die cutting machine is mainly modified with flat pressure flat printing machine; and horizontal die cutting machine structure and monochrome offset printing machine is similar to it by the feeding part, molded part, the material part, and some have Automatic cleaning equipment and other components.

Advantages and disadvantages: As a result of flat pressure die cutting machine with other die-cutting equipment has a simple structure, easy maintenance, easy operation, easy to replace die-cutting indentation plate, suitable for different weight materials, die cutting precision and a series of advantages, So it has a wide range of markets. But its shortcomings are also obvious, for example, it needs a lot of work pressure, resulting in labor intensity, low production efficiency. It is a wide range of applications, suitable for folding cartons, paste cartons, corrugated box die cutting indentation treatment, is the use of the more common domestic die-cutting equipment.

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