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The Reason Why The Precision Of The Die Cutting Machine Is Reduced

One, on the die-cutting or die-cutting version of the positioning are not allowed. The long-term use of the machine will cause the die-cutting frame or die-cutting plate on the positioning block wear, so that the gap is too large and lead to reduce the cutting accuracy. The positioning block should be replaced at this time. Side positioning plate wear is an important factor in the side positioning is not allowed. As the positioning of the dialing is not enough to make up for good wear, it will cause poor positioning side positioning accuracy. Replace the side positioning plate at this time.

Second, before and after the positioning of the pendulum positioning distance is too small. Because the length of the chain itself has a certain error, if the positioning distance is too small, then the front and rear positioning can not eliminate the chain error, thus affecting the die cutting accuracy. At this point should be adjusted before the positioning of the pendulum screw or post-positioning pendulum cam position, so that the front and rear positioning frame to stop the teeth 2mm ~ 3mm distance is appropriate.

Third, gripper pressure is too small or uneven. If the gripper's active dental elasticity becomes smaller due to long-term use, it will cause the paper to slip or fall off during the transfer process, which directly affects the die-cutting accuracy. Uneven pressure between the grippers may cause the paper to The process of skew. At this time should change the active teeth. In addition, the fixed teeth in the horizontal height should also be consistent, otherwise it may be in the gripper paper collision or gripper paper wrinkles, affecting the cutting accuracy.

Fourth, cardboard transfer process, the main drive chain wear and tear elongation, will directly affect the positioning accuracy before die cutting. At this point to replace the chain. Intermittent mechanism wear, resulting in tooth row in the stop or start the process of jitter, will also affect the die cutting accuracy. In this case generally only affect the positioning accuracy, this time, should be timely maintenance.

The above four points is the die cutting machine die cutting accuracy is not high mechanical reasons, the need for operation and maintenance personnel on the machine to do maintenance, timely inspection and maintenance to ensure that the best mode of operation of die cutting machine.

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