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The Maintenance And Maintenance Of The Cold Press Machine Should Pay Attention To The Method

As the saying goes, good machinery to maintain the daily work of the machinery to do maintenance and maintenance not only can improve production efficiency and reduce maintenance costs, but also people work hard for mechanical products, an emotional expression. But Linyi wood Linsen machinery to say is that maintenance is also pay attention to methods and techniques, improper maintenance not only failed to achieve the desired results, but also on the machinery of unpredictable damage, and to the enterprise to bring some economic losses.

Maintenance and maintenance to be carried out separately, the daily maintenance of the Cold Press Machine includes:

1. To keep the machine clean, the transmission parts and rotating connection points should be kept lubricated. Do not stack debris on the machine.

2. Check the time of the cylinder flange and the cylinder and the upper plate of the fastening flange on the screws are loose, and timely tightening; check the oil circuit is a leak and timely repair; check a pressure plate positioning roller and Lifting balance gear, the use of rack;

3. Check the oil in the tank once a week: it is important to check whether the oil is dirty and replaced in time. Is the oil enough and filling in time? Hydraulic oil can choose the Great Wall 68 #, Mobil MOBIL: DTE26 anti-wear hydraulic oil.

The maintenance of the Cold Press Machine at the time of operation includes: operating the machine according to the correct operation method, it is strictly forbidden to press the workpiece beyond the original design processing range. The workpiece is placed in the correct way, and the pressure and the uneven pressure are strictly prohibited.

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