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Refining Method Of Hydraulic Cold Press Machine

Hydraulic Cold Press Machine is a Cold Press Machine, compared to the general Cold Press Machine, hydraulic cold press in all aspects of good performance, and low noise, lifting speed. Hydraulic Cold Press Machine work for some time, the need to fill the Cold Press Machine hydraulic oil, the specific method of refueling as follows:

1, the arm placed in parallel to the direction of the track, and turn left after turning 45 ° position, so that the bucket cylinder piston rod fully extended, the rod cylinder piston rod fully retracted, slowly down the boom, so shovel Bucket on the ground, and then turn off the engine, open the tank release valve, pull the operation of the handle, pedal several times to release the weight caused by the system residual pressure.

2, with gasoline thoroughly clean the pipe joints, pump and motor connector, put the oil plug, the fuel tank at the top of the fuel filler and the bottom of the oil drain and its surrounding.

3, open the oil drain valve and the bottom of the oil drain plug, so that all the old oil into the oil tank in the oil.

4, open the fuel tank to remove the fuel tank, remove the fuel filter, check the bottom of the tank and its side, corner of the residual oil contains metal powder or other impurities. Thoroughly clean the tank, first with diesel cleaning twice, and then use compressed air inside the fuel tank. Check the internal corners of whether there are residual sludge, impurities, etc., until the clean up so far, and finally rinse with new oil again.

5, the demolition of the tubing.

6, remove the system filter for all the filter. Replace the filter, it is necessary to carefully check the filter with or without metal powder or other impurities, so you can understand the parts of the system wear.

7, let go of the main hydraulic pump, rotary motor, walking motor cavity inside the old oil, and filled with new oil.

Hydraulic Cold Press MachineCold Press Machine for the refueling method for everyone to introduce here, if you are interested in the contents of our introduction, you can browse our official website or telephone contact our manufacturers to understand.

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