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Introduction To The Factors Of Die Cutting Machine

What kind of Die Cutting Machine?

1, round pressure Die Cutting Machine

A roller is equivalent to the impression cylinder, die cutting pressure; the other is a roller knife mold. Roller knife mold has two major categories of wood and metal, the former mainly die-cut very thick corrugated cardboard, which has a chemical corrosion or electronic engraving method of processing metal drum knife mold, mainly for self-adhesive labels and trademark cutting , There is also a metal roller knife die is mainly used in high-end long-term products, the use of crush or shear type.

2, round pressure die cutting machine

Round pressure Die Cutting Machine in the application of the market rarely, there is no professional manufacturer, here do not repeat them.

3, flat pressure Die Cutting Machine

Flat Die Cutting Machine is currently the most widely used the most common type, but also the most domestic and foreign manufacturers models.

1, Die Cutting Machine die-cutting plate, if the shape of the complex or arranged a lot of live parts, and die-cutting point is very small, very few, it is easy to cause die-cutting when the version. At this point should be appropriate to increase the number of points, if possible, should be the length of the length of the workpiece and the direction of paper to keep consistent.

2, if the die-cutting version of the elastic tape (or sponge) is too soft, can not successfully bounce the paper, will also cause loose version. At this time should use high hardness, good elasticity of high-quality elastic tape (or sponge).

3, pressure row is too early to start a small version of the important reasons. After the die cutting, when the moving platform is down, although the paper has been elastic tape (sponge) from the knife line, but because the elastic tape (sponge) is generally higher than the knife line 2 to 3 mm, this time if the gripper row Start the movement, it will be due to elastic tape (sponge) will still press the paper on the die-cutting floor and easy to tear the paper caused by loose version. At this point should be loose intermittent mechanism and the main wheel axle coupling sleeve to adjust the moving platform from the top dead point down 7 to 8 mm (corrugated cutting when the cutting should be 10 to 15 mm), the pressure row began to move.

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