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Introduction Of Three Types Of Die Cutting Machine

Today, Xiaobian with you on the market common die-cutting machine has three categories: flat pressure-die cutting machine, flat-die die-cutting machine and round pressure round die cutting machine.

Which we all know that three kinds of die cutting machine which kind of market is more extensive? That is flat pressure die cutting machine flat pressure diecutting machine relative to other Die Cutting Machine with a simple structure, easy maintenance, easy operation, easy to replace die-cutting indentation plate, suitable for different weight of the sheet, mold Cutting precision and a series of advantages, so it has a wide range of markets.

But its shortcomings are also obvious, for example, it needs a lot of work pressure, resulting in labor intensity, low production efficiency. It is a wide range of applications, suitable for folding cartons, paste cartons, corrugated box die cutting indentation treatment. \

Next small series with you on the flat pressure round Die Cutting Machine: flat-round Die Cutting Machine mostly from the early Heidelberg round pressure printing machine from the transformation, its advantages are obvious: because of its work is the line Contact, the machine in the die-cutting only a small pressure, so the machine load is relatively stable.

The drawback is that, due to the fact that the Die Cutting Machine and the press roller are easily rolled and displaced, the application range is relatively narrow. It is generally suitable for die cutting of paperboard with a weight less than 400 g / m2, and is particularly suitable for paper cutting and Electroplating of aluminum foil. In the paper die cutting process, should pay attention to the direction of the paper fiber, the general should be parallel to the roller in the axial direction, otherwise it will cause serious paper stretching phenomenon.

The final small series with you on the round pressure round Die Cutting Machine: round pressure Die Cutting Machine is the continuous operation of the drum, so its work efficiency relative to other Die Cutting Machine is the highest, especially suitable for Mass production, but it is precisely because of its die cutting speed, resulting in sometimes can not guarantee the required die cutting accuracy. It is the same as the circular pressure Die Cutting Machine, the use of line contact principle to complete the molding work, so in the Die Cutting Machine a small pressure, and the pressure distribution is more uniform, so the machine load is relatively stable.

But its Die Cutting Machine version is curved into a curved surface, so in the plate and plate on the more cumbersome, technical difficulty is relatively large, the plate cost is relatively high, round pressure round die cutting device required Die Cutting Machine than flat Die-cutting version of the cost of 25 to 100% higher. Round pressure round die-cutting machine is mainly used for corrugated products die-cutting and trademark online die-cutting, the current market share is very low.

The above is the flat pressure Die Cutting Machine, flat pressure Die Cutting Machine and round pressure round Die Cutting Machine three types of Die Cutting Machine a brief introduction, hoping to bring you help.

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