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How To Solve The Problem Of Die Cutting Machine Is Not Smooth Paper

There are a variety of reasons why the paper is not smooth, mainly for paper deformation, printed surface is too smooth or caused by other mechanical failure.

(1) The paper is not smooth due to deformation of the paper

As the die-cutting process is the end of a printing process, the paper after a number of processes easy to produce deformation, especially after high temperature, high pressure polishing. After the film is more serious deformation of paper, then Feida often can not be a smooth paper.

(2) from the printed surface is too smooth caused by the paper is not smooth

After the film coating products because of its surface is too smooth, but also to the paper caused some difficulties. For the above two cases, experienced operators will do the preparatory work before the paper, such as: loading paper, add some paper in the paper wedge or paper roll to keep the paper in advance, when the paper in advance to play Side, knocking paper work or the speed of the die cutting machine to reduce, generally can avoid this problem.

(3) mechanical failure caused by feeding difficulties

Feida suction suction is not enough, from the paper pile on the plane of the location is not appropriate, the rules are not accurate and other mechanical reasons will cause the process of feeding paper oblique, double sheets, empty and other failures. As long as the usual do die cutting machine maintenance work and mechanical parts of the adjustment will be avoided due to mechanical failure caused by feeding difficulties.

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