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Die Cutting Machine Die-cutting When The Burst Line Solution!

Some customers asked Xiao Bian said die cutting machine failure but did not know where the problem lies, and later with a small series of manufacturers described a small die cutting machine failure, Xiaobian heard these cases to know the mold Cutting machine die when the burst line, then what is the die cutting machine die when the burst line it? Usually about the product in the flat pressure die cutting machine die cutting or finished folding, indentation at the paper crack. This failure often occurs in the die cutting machine body; how to deal with these situations? Pole piece punching machine Xiaobian to tell you;

First, the paper (plate) thickness is too large, the brief attack line, this time the choice of mold cutting wire height should be reasonable.

Second, the steel plate after the paper after the explosive line, this time should be thin pad paper.

Third, the die cutting machine pressure is too large when the explosive line, this time should be to reduce the pressure, so that the waste side just different.

Fourth, indentation mold or the end of the paper too thick, indentation narrow, explosive line. Should use the appropriate thickness of the indentation die, indentation width to moderate.

5, paper crisp, low water content, especially through high temperature polished paper, die cutting when the explosive line. At this time, in the die before the first paper humidity, can be used to water the paper to the poor water, add its water content, so that the level of slightly flexible, and then die cutting machine. After the die-cutting if the box when the burst line, at the crease at the water, to reduce the burst line situation.

Six, print the appearance of a large area of blue or black and other dark color field, die-cut after the explosive color, burst line. When printing, add ink or add ink additives in dark ink to enhance the adhesion of ink on paper, reduce the color of explosion, burst line appearance.

Seven, cut off the accumulation of paper powder in the slot in the explosive line. Operators should promptly eradicate clean paper, foreign matter and so on.

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