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Automatic Die Cutting Machine Maintenance Tips

Pre-precision adjustment, sheet-fed automatic Die Cutting Machine is to ensure that the accuracy of the pre-standard accuracy of the key parameters, the adjustment of the accuracy of the regulation involves a wide range of factors, some operators often only use the pre-inspection system, This method is unscientific. Although the pre-check system can avoid the paper is not in place, tooth row gripper paper caused by unreliable paper skew and other issues, but if you want to really adjust the accuracy of the system through the system, the probe diameter must be adjusted from about 1mm to 0.1mm Of the alarm accuracy, the fact that this can not be achieved. Therefore, should take into account the pressure roller, paper time, side regulation and other factors, the regulation accuracy to adjust to the best condition.

It is very important for some of the operator to turn off this detection function for a sheet-fed automatic Die Cutting Machine, which is extremely dangerous if the press-fit is fed Detection of normal and the paper detection is closed, then once the press Department of paper jam situation, a few layers of paper will instantly superimposed, will cause a car accident, great damage to equipment, and the accident is very difficult to deal with.

Regular replacement of lubricants, the brand single-sheet automatic Die Cutting Machine factory documents are very strict lubrication cycle table, the various parts of the equipment required lubricants brand, model, especially the replacement of lubricating oil cycle are detailed Claim. In general, the basic business enterprises in accordance with the requirements of the brand, model to buy lubricants, but inadvertently on the regular replacement of lubricants. Many equipment lubrication management personnel in the replacement of the oil cycle is coming, see the oil in the fuel tank is still very clear, in the cost of consideration, to give up the replacement of new lubricants plan, let the equipment continue to run.

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