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Hydraulic Cold Press Machine Are Very Much Needed In The Work

Hydraulic Cold Press Machine are a kind of machine that is needed for daily machine work. It provides a basis for our production work and accelerates the development of our machine tool industry. The hydraulic Cold Press Machine read the instruction manual before operating the machine. Performance and correct method of operation. We have to use this machine correctly, to bring us more benefits.

Hydraulic Cold Press Machine mainly by the hydraulic system, electrical control system, pressure plate and body composition. The hydraulic system consists of a cylinder, a fuel tank, an oil pump, a pump motor, a control valve block and a pressure gauge. The tank is filled with oil, which is pumped by the oil pump to drive the pump oil. The oil is sent to the cylinder by connecting the tubing to make the cylinder work. The relief valve can make the press in the extrusion process to produce back pressure, play a smooth role, the electromagnetic ball. The valve is used to maintain the pressure set by the system, and the pressure gauge is used to show the pressure. The electrical control system is mainly composed of the main circuit and the control circuit, the circuit adopts the automatic circuit breaker, the fuse and the AC contactor to carry on the overload, the short circuit, the depressive pressure and the undervoltage protection to the press motor and the electromagnetic valve. The platen balancing mechanism is mainly composed of a balanced lifting rack, lifting gear, rotating shaft. Fixed rotation bearing composition, left and right two balanced rack mounted on the fuselage. The two ends of the rotating shaft are fixed with lifting gears. Both ends of the rotating shaft are fitted with bearings so as to be able to rotate flexibly with the rotating shaft. When the lifting plate is lifted, the lifting gear does not balance the rack? Rotate, so that the pressure plate in the lifting process is always balanced. The platen consists of an upper platen and a lower platen. The upper and lower press plates are made of welded profiles and steel plates. The working plane is finished by a large-scale gantry milling machine to ensure that the working plane is smooth and smooth. The upper plate is connected with the cylinder rod of the cylinder, and the lifting and lowering of the pressure plate is realized by the lifting of the cylinder. Under pressure plate directly welded to the fuselage base. Making the whole structure fastened. Fuselage is made of welded steel, compact structure, good strength.

Hydraulic Cold Press Machine are mainly composed of hydraulic systems, electrical control systems, platens and fuselage. At the beginning of use, we have to check their safety conditions to ensure the safety of our daily production, better to the development of our heavy industry, and All safety guards can not be removed or opened when the machine is running. In the operation to ensure that the work plane smooth and so on.

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