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Die Cutting Technology

What Do You Need When Install Die Cutting Machine

What do you need when install die cutting machine ?

1.First ,Must take care to read the manual instruction before install and using the die cutting machine.Note:Before any work or maintenance operations, the machine must be disconnected from the main electricity line.

2.TRANSPORT AND HANDLING.:the machine is delivered on a pallet and covered with protective plastic film, or in an open or closed wooden case or crate. The plastic film will only protect the machine from damp and dust during transport; it cannot protect the machine against banging during handling operations. The press is bolted to the pallet or to the crate base in three points.

3.Machine Checks:In order to check on any damage the machine may have suffered during transport, control the condition of the press commands (at least from the outside) and check for any oil leakage.

Before connecting the machine to the main line,check that the voltage is the same as that of the machine printed on the plate attached to the electrical box. If the voltage or frequency is different from that of the main line, ask advice from the manufacturer or the sales agent.

4.Take care to check that the interior of the material to be cut does not contain metal meshing or similar, which will not only damage the dies, but also cause violent splinter flying.

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